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Canadian Shopping Deals visits every site listed on our site.   We buy from them, test them, give there locations and give reviews with non-sponsored items.  If you would like  your site considered for my site, then please contact us. 

Certified Canadian Online Store

They also feature a DEAL OF THE DAY
They have Brand Name gear, furniture, bedding & decor, Feeding, Bathing, Health & Safety, Apparel & Shoes, Toys & Gifts all for Kids.
They have locations in – Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Manitoba
They offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49


Looking to shop online safely – Browse my hand picked websites by clicking on the categories below.  

Baby Stores OnlinE

Diapers | Baby EssentialsPiggy Bank | Toddler Beds

books & magazines

Hockey Cards



Food & Wine


Adirondack ChairsLakehouse and Pool Must-HavesToddler Beds


Kids Toys

Hockey Cards



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Insta-pot Root Beer Chicken Wings

Webhosting Canada




  1. How to use our site and what does Certified Canadian Mean?
    When you browse our site and you see this symbol beside a website in our directory then you can assure it has gone through a strict review and testing process to earn this badge.  Certified Canadian Online Store
  2. Do you actually visit each site you list on your website?
    YES, we visit each site and look at their privacy policies, shipping, and test the shopping cart before adding to our site.  We also research their headquarters and shipping warehouse locations.

  3. There are affiliate links on your site, do you only list websites with affiliate programs?
    NO, we list all sites we find that have the content and products you are looking for.  YES, we do like to earn a little money so affiliate programs are great to help pay the bills, but is not a pre-requisite to being on our website.  We do however appreciate if you are shopping and you find our site useful to utilize the links on our site we have provided.  THANKS A BUNCH!!

  4. How do you pick SITE of the MONTH?
    As we do our daily searches for new websites to post on our site, if we come across one that we are impressed with then we choose it to be our site of the month.  You can not pay for advertising to be in this spot.  Only handpicked. 

If you have any questions please feel free to fill out the form below or utilize our chat line.  You can also post questions in our FORUM – Its NEW and I need some members 🙂  I am also looking for a few people to become contributors to the Forum.  

Submit your website for consideration to our directory or just drop us a quick Hi 🙂


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