MSCHF Big Red Boots

Everyone is going insane for the big red boots by MSCHF.  Sold out in minutes upon their release.  What do you think of these “cartoon boots?”  Visit our forum

MSCHF Big Red Boots

“MSCHF Big Red Boots” refers to a controversial art installation created by the New York-based collective MSCHF in 2019. The artwork was a modified Nike Air Max 97 sneaker that had been transformed into a “Jesus Shoe” by adding holy water from the River Jordan and a crucifix to the shoelaces.

The MSCHF Big Red Boots was a limited-edition release of 666 pairs of the Jesus Shoes, which sold out almost immediately at a retail price of $1,425 per pair. The shoes sparked debate and controversy, with some people criticizing the use of religious symbols for commercial purposes and others seeing it as a satirical commentary on the commodification of faith.

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